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J’ai vingt ans et je chosis la vie.

So I’m here again. Back in the darkness, and it’s just not the swedish autumn that is dark. For a few weeks time now, I’ve felt really depressed, stresse and worried. Of what I do not know. Perhaps it’s the fact that my father is ill, the fact that I’m worried about not getting friends in school or just the fact that my life is changing in a rate that is beyond human comprehension.

However I’ve promised myself something. I will not give up, I shall not fall back in that dark place I was in when i was a depressed teen. For better or worse, I am alive now, something that I did not comprehend that I would be by know for a few years ago. After that I got well from my depression I’ve done so much things:

* I’ve travelled around in the world. I have seen the beautifuel sunset in a Colorado dessert, I’ve seen how the sun rises over the adriatic sea and I’ve seen the beauty of cities such as London, Paris and Copenhagen.

* I’ve met the love of my life.

* I’ve made friends that once again showed me that life is well worth living.

* And only a month ago I started to study in one of Swedens most prestigeuos schools.

This is not the voice of somebody that wish to give up. Even though the world in my mind is dark, stormy and cludy right now, I know that there will come a time once again when I will see how fantastic, sad, lovely, depressing and kind this world is. I will never give up in my struggle to fell well again.

Ready for school dinner.

Ready for school dinner.

Today me and my brother took a photography tour of the Swedish savana.

Some of the greatest photoshots of this year.



Today me and my girl went to see a band lived.

Girl with golden eyes.

Girl with golden eyes.

My girlfriend got two kittens.

Glasses by Garett Leight

 Rugsack by UNIONMADE

Socks by OiPoi!